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what code should I add, can you tell me? 
It's true that in Streamline you can add related products, but the layout is like this Actually, I want the layout to be like the picture where I want there to be an add icon or chart icon
hello, please tell me, can social proof like this be added to the post tag?from this : to this :  If anyone knows how, please tell me, should I add the CSS?. thanks  
hi, I want to ask. I want to add a product review to the website, I have installed the free app but it doesn't appear when I want to add it in the add block. and I'm using the streamline theme, is there a solution so that the app can be used?I use th...
the website 
hello, I want to ask something. My website is a photo slideshow on the home page, here is 1 photo that I made in Adobe, there are 2 different products in the photo, can I make a different link? do I have to change the html and css? if yes please tell...
omg big thanksss  
Hi, i need a help. for someone know thiss setting, What should I change or add to the CSS? and how to make the box on the right instead of the left from this :  to this: thanks
Hello, thank you for the response. If you like, you can see my website link . I used sticky for the product description so that when I scroll the description image it stays still. and i add custom ...
hallo i need a help, so i use theme steamline. and i wanna ask about image style product display,This previous theme provides settings like this. I want the image settings to have a scroll bar that can only scroll until the photo runs out, after that...
Hi, I want to ask about the application that I installed on Shopify. Previously, I really needed the product review feature, and coincidentally product review by Shopify was no longer available. So I installed another free app, namely Product Reviews...
ok, thanks for the response, so what should I do? If it's not compatible with what I'm using, is there another way to do it?
Hi, I installed this app but after activating it I didn't understand the settings. because previously after adding the block there was no application in the list so it made me confused, can anyone help?This section has been activated  For this part, ...
Hi guys, I want to ask. I use a streamlined theme and don't provide desktop style rules or make the menu bar a mega menu. Can you customize it yourself into a mega menu?from this :to this :I took this example for the mega menu in the dawn theme, whil...
Hi guys, can i make a review box on my website but without the app store on shopify. just pure coding, if so where should I start? and what the first step should be?
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