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It worked with putting !important before the semicolon. Thank you! Thank you Bailey! Yes, I know you can create colour schemes but if you choose a text colour then all the text is the same colour, including the headings. In my mind, you shouldn't nee...
One more question, I promise! What about if I want to change the color of the main heading on the home page - the Featured Collection Heading? 
That worked too - big thanks!
Worked perfectly - thank you Bailey! If I want the H2 on my product pages to be the same color as H1, is it a similar bit of code? 
I'd like to change the color of the Product Titles and make it different to the Product text. It baffles me that this isn't an option when setting the color scheme. Can anyone help? Thanks!
Thank you!
Yes, will do. I just had one more question about whether the links can be buttons instead of text? Like in your original pic - like above? Thanks!
This is brilliant @BrainStation23 - thank you! The tags are in the right place now and all are showing. Is it possible for the tags to be buttons like in your first example rather than text only links? 
{{ 'section-blog-post.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}<article class="article-template" itemscope itemtype="">{%- for block in section.blocks -%}{%- case block.type -%}{%- when '@app' -%}<div class="page-width page-wi...
Thank you for clarifying. Is there a way for all blog.tags (all the tags of a specific blog) to appear on every blog post? 
@BrainStation23 - I can see how this solution will show the specific tag for a specific blog post, which then links to other blog posts with the same tag. But is there a way to have all the tags represented on a blog post so people can click through ...
Thank you for the reply but that didn't seem to work. Is there a particular spot in the main-article.liquid file where that code needs to go?
Hello! I would like to add navigation to my blog so that people can quickly access blog posts based on tags. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks!
Brilliant - that worked. Thank you so much!
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