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Hi Scott, Thanks so much for the time taken to help provide some clarity to Shopify customers. Definitely not your job and its amazing that the community seems to be giving better customer service that the service we pay extremely high premium fees f...
ALSO - everyone let's start posting this thread on their social media accounts!!! TikTok and Instagram and Facebook.
"Oh, and while you wasting those 10 hours of time each month, ya just may want to exports all the payouts csv and compare those against the finance summary to be sure they didn't actually make the refund and deduct it from YOUR money." Can you please...
Also how do you know this was an isolated incident? Could there be more that you've missed?
OMG are you SERIOUS!!! Surely they will be up for a law suit in no time. This is really really really really bad.
Absolutely, its like they have no idea who their customers are or how they operate a business.
The last reply I got from Shopify staff was suggesting to move to a different platform entirely if we don't like it  So we are doing just that.
Update from Shopify team - basically "manually work it out" - absolute joke. How can returns be considered as a refund when no money was returned to the customer. What is going on??? Someone needs to do something!!!!!
Some further insight from 'Shopify' SHOPIFY:"After consulting with our business team, Shopify analytics records refund reports to provide merchants with precise data regarding their store's financial performance. Even if a merchant processes a replac...
Hi Elias So essentially you’re saying that we can offer gift cards as store credit for our customers (which Shopify have stated on several other pages), however our analytics will just have to be wrong as the returns will account for a refund that di...
I've contacted them three times now, the first two times they assured me this wouldn't affect figures. Obviously not correct and now I'm being told they are having to ask for help from their team, might have to move systems if this doesn't change ASA...
Absolutely!!!! In some countries, its not required to offer a refund. We can offer a store credit in the form of a gift card or an exchange. They need to fix this immediately, its completely throwing everything off!!!!!!!!!!!
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