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hi, i have pasted this code as you listed. but when i go to test it... it doesn't register as a clickable thing. plus how do i add a small clickable button, and image.
i recently deleted the original contact-form_liquid to my own code. which looks all great and that, but im having problems with the send button. when i press the send button, it redirects me to the top home page and it does not send the email, first ...
the button is working, but its not changed the background colour.  i think ive done the code right, could you double check to see
hi, i tried doing your solution but it wouldnt change the theme colour to dark. and i didnt get the dark mode button.
sorry. This code what i have only shows the toggle movement, plus it messes up my theme layout.. resulting in overlapped half cut pages. ------------------------------HTML<h1>Light/Dark Toggle<br> Button</h1><div><input type="checkbox" class="checkbo...
Is the any way to make a light and dark toggle in my Dawn website? I want it in the header. I've tried this before, but I couldn't get the website change colour.  I also prefer code. 
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