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have you solve your problem? Im actually in the same situation, 1 year later... Really frustrating
Have you find a solution bro? I'm actually facing lot of barriers with the Turkish market... My customers stay stuck at the checkout, can't order correctly... The checkout in 1 page have some error message, and the checkout in 3 steps say "the addres...
Hello, what's new one year later..? Cause I have the exact same problem... And your team don't help me at all
Hi, do you have solve your problem? I have a lot of trouble to sell in Turkey... And they don't help me at all
Hello, I have actually the same problem. My offer is "buy 2 get 1 free" and it's 100% automatic. I sell in different countries... If someone have the solution please SHARE 
Hi, I’m french and I have the same problem. Nobody can order on my shop because of this…  Shopify support and Stripe support don’t find any solution for the moment… Someone can help me please? 
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