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Oh man !! @richbrown_staff  you're a genius !!! I am not familiar with liquid and/or programming at all, but I managed to find the code and changed the snippet and .... Voila!! It works.Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I deeply bow to you ...
Wonderful! Thank you so much @richbrown_staff 
Shame really, for a platform that's supposed to be for worldwide sales... Anyway, thank you very much indeed! I'll have a look. 
I have a shop set up in 4 languages. So far, everything works like a charm. The only thing that customers don't receive in their selected language is the email "Your downloads are ready" sent by delivery@shopify.com, which carries the download link o...
i was actually hoping for a different answer  but thank you so much for your quick reply!
Hi everyone, My store is translated into 4 languages. When I enter a term using the "search" function in order to find a specific product in my store, the search results will always display in English (the default language), even though the search pa...
Thank you very much ! Exactly  And this also wasn't obvious to me to see if it was on or off, because the switch is either in light black or dark black... Maybe colors like red & green or a "on" and "off" display would be helpful? Anyway, thanks a ...
Hi everyone,Hope, I can get some help here...My shop is in English and I added German (as well as French and Spanish) as a translated language using the translate & adapt app. My geolocation app is activated too. But when a german speaking person in ...
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