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Hello i would like to move "icon with text" block from "Product Information" section to "image with text" section. Can you help me with this please?   
Sorry @Liqiud_xPert_SJ but I didn't really understand what you told me.
@Dan-From-Ryviu  This could work but how can i add icon with text block inside of image with text section?
Hello i would like to add  this text next to my image:Red Light TherapyRed Light Therapy heals and rejuvenates the skin. Galvanic CurrentGalvanic Current is used in skincare to improve product penetration, stimulate circulation and promote deep clean...
Hello guys i would like to ask can you give me a code for Changing this specific text Information that can help you to more to understand my request:I want to change text color only on "Use Code: CH3407 for 10%OFF".This text is on product page.I use ...
I use free theme called "ride" on shopify, there is an screenshot under my snippets section:
I been change my cart icon on shopify store but now my shopify search icon look bad, i want to put another icon to look more beauty, how can i change it?
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