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{% comment %} This file is generated by Instant and can be overwritten at any moment. {% endcomment %}<divclass="__instant"data-instant-id="wF7lWKpkyffCLnLg"data-instant-version="2.1.8"data-section-id="{{ }}">{{ 'instant-wF7lWKpkyffCLnLg.c...
 Below are the images I want to make clickable. The only item clickable is the "Shop Now"
Hello, I want to make the image clickable, attach a collection link to the image itself. This is my theme.liquid code: <!doctype html><html class="no-js" lang="{{ request.locale.iso_code }}" dir="{% render 'direction' %}"><head><meta charset="utf-8">...
Hello, I want to add links to the images in this section. I have added it in the schema section but the link is not connecting to the image. Can someone help? I also added the line" <a href ="{{ section.settings.image_link }}">   Site URL is thedenim...
Hello,I am trying to hide a header/menu section that is showing on this page. I want the menu to show on other pages so I don't want to hide it anywhere else. Can someone help? The menu to hide is the first one under the announcement bar.  Site URL i...
Thank you for your help!
Thank you so much, this worked!
Hello!This didn't quite work. I wanted to move the title above the photos and the shop now button below the photos. Is there a way to customize this based on section?Thank you so much!
Hello,For some reason the current code I have to hide a second header in mobile, isn't working anymore. I am trying to hide the menu below the announcement bar "Free Shipping on orders over $100". I want to hide that second hamburger menu. This is th...
Hello can someone please help: I originally had  two sections set to a max of 1400px but for some reason it went away and they are full width. Can someone please help? 
The store is thedenimlab.comThank you!
Hello, I have media grids set up and I want to move the text outside of the images. I would like the text to go on top and then to put the button below the image like this below:  Here is what my site currently looks like: Can anyone advise? I am usi...
This worked thank you!
Hi thank you, the URL is password
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