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Oh, that I do have. But it's a fresh store, There's nothing in there. I'm just trying to understand if this is possible and, if it is, what's the best way. I'm thinking a UI Extension 
There's none. I'm working locally on this idea.
So, let's image I sell t-shirts and I want the user to be able to, at checkout, edit a custom field on a single line item. A text he would like at the back of his tshirt, for instance. Is there a way of doing that? I was trying with a cart transforme...
Hey guys, I'm still trying to sort out how functions work and how to avoid any manual interaction to set the app up. I followed the tutorial here And when I run the app I get [v...
I probably messed something up then, when trying to build it without themanual queries.I'll retry.Thanks!
Hey, thanks for replying again So, the tutorial is a bit confusing because it start by building it by using the manual Graphql creation, and then in the last part it creates this UI for it. But all the steps has the previous ones as a requirement. Ev...
Hey Nick, thanks for the quick reply. I did follow through the tutorial, but it still uses manual graphql interaction (step 4). The mutation on the app install tip is great, though! I'll try that. Thanks a lot
I'm sorry if this is a basic question, but I'm following through all the possible ways the documentation teaches how to create this and all of then involve manually querying the GraphQL api and creating a discount before it works. That's true for bot...
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