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Found it. Inserted code, and it works. Descriptions are far too long right now for that to look right, so have made invisible. But now I have the option of either.Thanks you so much for your advice - I appreciate the help!
I think my line 113 or 114 might be the right placement? 
As it turns out, my line 179 vicinity has very different code lines than the pic you sent.
OK, great! I may try that and see how it looks. Our collection descriptions are kinda long right now so once we pare them down a bit in size that may be a good option. I have not yet played with any of the actual coding in the theme - but this will b...
Good grief. The ONE collection that the default setup shows when I am in design mode is the one collection that does not have a description. I feel a bit silly now. Thank you for that!That being said, I actually liked having the slideshow as the titl...
I am at this point. I tried making the Collection Banner visible, but it still does not show the description - just repeats the title. I just made that visible again for now (redundant title) just to show you... default collection page  - so pretty much all of them - will not show the description.
Hello, I'd like the descriptions I added to my collections to display on the catalog. The collection titles are visible but not the descriptions. Is there a way to enable this? The theme editor allows me to tick "Show Description" but it still does n...
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