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yeah sure thank you ! code it 6343
i've tried adding it to the very top and when i reload my website everything gets disorganized i also added it to the bottom and same issue  
@theycallmeSaver ohh okay , as in i need to add that same code to the top of theme.scss.css file ?
Hey sorry @theycallmeSaver  i just ran into a little problem , when you load into the page they appear short then few seconds later they look good and also when you refresh the page they look short and then they look good. do you think theres a possi...
it looks perfect now !  I honestly appreciate the time you took to figure this out  Thank you soo much @theycallmeSaver your really a saver haha ! ❤️
 here's a closer look of how the product image looks on the iphone 12 mini  
yeah its strange it looks fine on other phones but on my phone it looks strange.  Apple Iphone 12 mini 
Hey @theycallmeSaver , the enter button is actually hidden in the top right but you should be able to see it now pass is-  iambtrr 
on the iphone 12 mini when you open up the shop all navigation , all the products appear shrunken any help would really be appreciated !  url- backtoreality.copass- iambtrr Thank You in Advance    
i have a small issue if you wouldn't mind helping @PageFly-Noah !  So i am using a new phone, iphone 12 mini and when you view the shop all navigation , the product images look shrunken do you know any possible fix for this ? would really appreciate ...
hey Noah not a problem i totally understand  I actually found out that i made a duplicate which was a life saver haha , it looks all okay now ! 
could this have possibly happened because of the code ?
hey @PageFly-Noah sorry to bother you , i just looked on my website right now and the navigation icon has randomly disappeared  
Hi @PageFly-Noah  I just looked over the first code you provided and actually discovered that it has been placed above the <body> instead of the <head> and now everything looks perfect !  Thank you so much for your help we truly appreciate it ! CEO -...
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