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I tried looking, and couldn't find it, would you know where by chance? 
Hi would anyone know how to remove the home page via code, so my site goes directly to the product page rather than loading on the home page. I've tried a few things and nothing has worked. Anything helps! I'm using dawn theme.
Do you know under what section I would put this when editing the code?  
Here you go!
Would anyone know how I would be able to change the color of the text "ENTER PASSWORD". It's the link that takes them to enter a password, so changing the color from theme settings doesn't work. Anything helps, thank you! 
You're a lifesaver! This worked perfectly, thank you!
Hi, I've been trying to make this image below full length and width on my password page and i've tried a few different options and it messes up each time. I'm using the theme dawn by the way! This is my current coding.  Anything helps, thank you! 
Hey, PrimeWeb sorry to bug, I was just wondering if you had any idea how to fix that last issue? Thanks! 
This is whaat happened when I changed it to 'body.gradient.password'  
Okay I just tried the "100% 100%" option and it fit the screen perfectly thank you! The only issue is that it's on every page such as the home page, the products page, and etc. Would you know how to just keep it only for the password page? Thank you!...
Oh wow! Thank you so much, i'll try it out right now and let you know the outcome! Do I just put both codes directly under each other in the same section? 
I had added it by code, I'll try that right now, thank you! And also do you have a suggestion to make the image fit well in both desktop and mobile? 
Of course, here you go! 
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