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Hello, i am also just wondering would you have an idea how to fix my logo on the google search so there is no white background behind my logo.
Hi  @claricelin , Thanks so much for making it more clear to me!  
Hello I am wondering why does my store have this text showing when i search the store name on Google? I would like it to appear just like the homepage meta description
Hello i have tried putting it in the base.css and theme liquid and both don't work for me when I notice that when I remove the code I have and enter your one it just moves the logo to how it was at the beginning more to the left than middle.
Hello, I have removed the code that I have put in and I have pasted your code in base.css however I am left with the same result I had with my code.
Hello unfortunately it did not work it comes up like this when I enter the code. 
Hello, i am having trouble placing my logo in the centre on all of my pages I have found a code in one of the forums that work for the home page This is the code (I have pasted it in theme.liquid just above  <head>) <style>@media screen and (max-widt...
Thank You so much for such a quick reply and for figuring it out works perfectly now!
Hello so i have been doing some coding to upgrade the look of my website, while doing a reviews page I have wanted to make the separation line between the picture and the review to be the same as the background picture and I have thought I have done ...
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