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Bio: I am a passionate and skilled Shopify developer and designer, dedicated to crafting exceptional online experiences. Born with a natural curiosity for ...

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add this css in your base.css file 1) How can I make both of the prices smaller.collection .price__container { font-size: 15px !important; }2) How can I make the excluding VAT smaller than including VAT       3) I needs prices to be reduced on al...
Add This css in your Base.css File .card:hover .media.media--hover-effect>img:first-child:only-child, .card-wrapper:hover .media.media--hover-effect>img:first-child:only-child { transform: scale(1) !important; }
This Code Add In base.css file1) Arrow Remove Code .collection-list-wrapper h3.card__heading span.icon-wrap { display: none; } 2) text Bold And Text Color Change For This Code .collection-list-wrapper h3.card__heading a { color: white; fo...
Add this css in your edit code > theme.css File.header__primary-nav-item:before{ display:none; }
Since this code is not a variable,don't write it like a={%render '...' %},add it directly.You wrote your previous code. Write this code like this 
Okay, add this code below your snippet.{% render 'BISAC-value' %} 
Add This Code In your previous Code on theme/assets/styles.css.testimonial-list__controls { visibility: hidden; display:none !important; } a.image-page-button.image-page-button--previous.ltr-icon { visibility: hidden; display:none !important; } a...
Help you add snippets to this sitehttps://www.shopify.com/in/partners/blog/88186566-tips-for-using-snippets-in-your-shopify-themeThis site helps to add and show snippets in your destinationAnd if you don't understand in this site or not I will help y...
You can't. 256kb for templates, 64kb for snippets. Break up your template in to multiple snippets for instance.
Try This Code Replace Your Code  {% comment %} Renders a product card Accepts: - card_product: {Object} Product Liquid object (optional) - media_aspect_ratio: {String} Size of the product image card. Values are "square" and "portrait". Defau...
Add this Css In your base.css File.collection-list-wrapper .card__content { position: absolute; justify-content: center; height: 100%; align-items: center; } .collection-list-wrapper .card.card--standard.card--media { position: re...
See This Css I hope This Work Properly 
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