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Bio: I'm a data-driven web analyst with a passion for uncovering user behavior insights. I leverage analytics tools to measure website performance, identif...

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Hello Saba 13,Thanks for your query.I have audited your website thoroughly. I can see you don't have any GA4 schema datalayer to track the add to cart button for Gads tracking. To track the add to cart event push the event in the datalayer create a t...
You can track the online purchase via Tracking code like facebook pixel or google anlaytics.when someone buy via phone call or WhatsApp you have to create custom events so that whenever someone click the text or button an event will fire in tha GA4.a...
Thanks for sharing. how can we collab?
Hi greyon,thanks for your query.could you please share your website URL?Thanks
Hi Farhatullah,could you please share your website link?thanks
Hello adel123,if you have the datalayer you can track any e-commerce event via gtm.could you please share your website URL so that I can audit the setup?Thanksdo you have the shopify datalayer?
Hello RGuitaras_co_uk,Thanks for your query. could you please share how did you set up your GA4 in your store.? What I'm guessing you most probably did via shopify partner apps which doesn't work properly sometimes.IF it doesn't work properly I would...
Hello Mandy666,Thanks for your query. additional script is going to be deleted in future. You can put all kinds of tracking code in your website via GTM in the shopify.I set up any analytics in the website via GTM for my clients.for your kind info GT...
Hello HamitKoycu ,Thanks for sharing your problem. Shopify partner program issue faced by My maximum clients. They initially starts with partner program then they face issuel.All Tracking problem's solution Is Google Tag Manager. you don't need to ta...
Hello Unforgiven0813,Thanks for your query. You can check the page visit and the time engagement only in Google Analytics 4. Before that you have to create a Tag for that event in Google TagManager.  Dont hesitate to ask if you may have any Questions...
ShoeZEcom,could you please share your website please?Thanks
Hi Testsetclothing,could you please share your website URL?
I have 2 types of datalayer. Theme dependent and theme Independent. both types of datalayer push all product data with event. you can take any data via the GTM variable.    
Hi Artistdata22,Within the theme editor, look for the section that controls the contact form. It might be named "Contact Form," "Newsletter Signup," or something similar. Change Input Type: Search for the code snippet that defines the email input fie...
Hi Sreelakshmi915,I have  a readymade datalayer for shopify to sent data to GTM. This datalayer has all kinds of schema like GA4, facebook , tiktok, Pinterest and so on. IF you need the datalayer feel free to ask.Thanks
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