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I solved it by myself! I used one of the pagefly templates and after spending hours i figured it out! Thank you for your time!!
I tried pagefly but i couldn't get it done either. In case you guys can help me with the design I would be more than grateful! 
Hello everyone,I recently restricted access to my Shopify store with a password.I am trying to re-design the password page into something similar to the attachment. The logo should be in the middle center of the header and the password field input sh...
@sahilsharma9515 Please request access to my Shopify! Request code is : 5024
Hey Sahilsharma9515Thank you for your response!I have tried adding the above code into my collapsible-content.css file and theme.liquid, but it doesn't work.Into which file should I add the above code you provided? Thank you in advance!
Hello everyone,I am trying to add smooth open/close transitions on the default collapsible rows of Shopify in my theme, and I cannot seem to find a decent tutorial to do that. Therefore, I decided to ask for your help since this place has helped me s...
Your assistance would be very much appreaciated! Let me know what I have to do 
Hello everybody,I have recently made a mockup in Figma, and I am trying to recreate it in Shopify. However, I have been breaking my head over one single thing that's left to do, which I cannot seem to be able to solve properly. Below, I have included...
Thank you legend! I appreciate it 
Hello everyone,I am facing a problem with my homepage featured collection, and I cannot seem to find a solution for it. What I am trying to do is display the price on the very left side of the "card-information" container and the swatches on the very...
Hello everyone,While on desktop, I recently noticed a white space under my footer. In the past I was able to fix this through a tutorial, but I was using CRAFT as my main theme and not DAWN. I am kindly requesting for some help as changing the CSS an...
Thank you very much man! I really appreciate your assistance! 
Thank you for your help!! It worked like a charm  Do you think this same approach would also work on the arrows in the menu & filter drawer?Thank you in advance !!! 
Helo everyone,I recently set up my Shopify website and I would like to turn those dropdown arrows into plus and minus icons. I have followed multiple tutorials, here and on YouTube, but without any success. I would be more than grateful if any of you...
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