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where should I insert it? It didn't work under base.css or theme.liquid above </head>
Hi anne, It worked, but again, makes the icons white on the other pages when i need them to be black.
hi! it worked but it also made the icons white across the whole website which makes them invisible throughout the site
Hello all!  I've managed to achieve the white text/logo on a transparent background for the home page only. When i look at the ipad view however, the hamburger menu and shopping back icons are black. Attaching photos of what it looks like. I would li...
Hello! I just launched my website and would like some assistance. When I click in and out of the menu this inactive instagram icon appears at the bottom - any idea how to get rid of it? 
Hello! I was able to successfully get my website header and menu to be all white with a transparent background on my home page only which was perfect BUT I must have altered the code somewhere because now the search icon on the home page is black aga... on any shop page
Hello all! I would like to customize the 'sort by' options on my shopify store but haven't been able to find to find a helpful code yet. Specifically, I want to remove the 'best selling' and 'alphabetical' sort functions. Shopify support instructed m...
Hi @Dan-From-Ryviu you were such a great help with my last issue! Wondering if you might have any insights on this matter?
Thank you so much! This worked perfectly!!
Hello all! I have altered my header code using an online solution so I could have white text/logo on my home page and black text/logo on all other pages. It works and looks as desired, but something I did must have messed with the sticky header funct...
Hi everyone,  I'm looking for some assistance in making the dropdown menu on my website transparent with white lettering on my desktop home page only. I was able to achieve the effect using the attached code, but it changes the menu so that it can't ...
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