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can you tell me how to do this change to all password fields what i need to change in the code
hello there , i need to resize the password window in the new customers register how can i do it
thank it's a very helpful solution and clear description thank you very much
I tried youre solution and i got this error 
Hi there! I am trying to figure out how to remove the large amounts of padding between the menu and the looping video and then the header underneath on my home page(in the mobile version). I also do not like how much room there is between the header ...
can you help me please with the same problem but the solution didn't workedhere is my site its brooklyn theme
Ok thank you very much
If you can please help me
hello i have problem with the sidebar main menu (with mobile version) when i open my site in the mobile and click to open the side bar i see a space near the menu and i dont see the (x) close press how can i solve that problem can you help me please ...
thank you very much for the solution and the fast replay 
hello my friend i have use a circle menu section in my site its alignment center for pc but its not in mobile version how can i center it can you help me please..
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