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Your fix did not have the intended effect. Now all my text and forms stretch right to the edge of the page. 
Thanks, Nikos! Honestly, I already went with your app strictly because of this comment and am happy with it!
I already did that before creating this thread, sadly! I clicked right into the code and searched and the only thing that comes up is the ORIGINAL code. SOME sort of code exists somewhere that is hiding it and I am at a loss!
THANK YOU! Here you go:{% comment %}theme-check-disable UndefinedObject{% endcomment %}{{ 'section-footer.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}{{ 'component-newsletter.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}{{ 'component-list-menu.css' | asset_url | styl...
Yes, I know I should track these things but, I cut some corners lol.  I didn't want "powered by shopify" on my website so I stupidly pulled code from somewhere to block it a few days ago. Thing is, it also blocked my copyright and I only JUST now not...
Actually, that seems to have made my contact-us forms go a little haywire and they now stretch as WIDE as the page. There's one at the bottom of my home page and one on this page:
That seemed like it did the trick! THANK YOU!
Thank you SO MUCH for your time and reply. THIS IS THE HTML CODE ON THE PAGE:<div data-mariana-integrations="/buy/48717"></div> THIS IS THE JAVA SCRIPT IN THEME.LIQUID:<script>(function () {// Set tenant name herevar TENANT_NAME = 'thebarrecode.sandb...
I'm super confused! Now that I look in the base.css, there are SO MANY page width codes and I do not know what should be there or why anything is there, or why I should put your code in?
Hey Nikos,  I prefer apps that are "built for shopify," but truthfully, I don't even know the differentiator there. Any thoughts you can share on your app in this regard since it doesn't have this badge?Can you speak to the effects on the speed of sh...
Hi There,  I have an integration with a software using HTML code inserted in the page. For some reason, this page is loading only in mobile formatting.  Oddly, at exactly 150% zoom on chrome, it will show in the desktop view. Anything higher or lower...
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