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Hello! Can you please tell me how to connect Stripe payment system? It is not listed in the settings.
Hello, I need code to place subheading and text on the left side in the Image with text block in the Modular theme. 
Hello! Urgently need help: I need to enlarge the title in the Feature collection carousel and Blog block on the computer and mobile version.Thank you so much for reading my inquiry!
Hello! I really need some help. I need to increase the distance at the bottom below the button, bring all the content up. Ecomus theme. Slideshow block. 
Hello! Yes, I need help. Can you advise me in this matter?
Hello. Could you please advise me how to make a photo of the same size on the product page in the Ecomus theme? 
I have pages added, but they don't show up in this burger menu on the mobile version.
Hello! Can you please tell me how to add menu items to the burger menu on the mobile version? Ecomus theme 
Hello! Can you please tell me if there is a code, thanks to which I can change the distance between the title and the text? Through Custom CSS in the block itself 
thanks, is there any way to change this via custom css in the store editor itself? 
No ideas, can you please help with this?
Hello!Can you please advise if there is a way to move a sentence to a new paragraph? Is there such a code? Ecomus Theme 
Hello!Need help: how to make the mobile version to display all articles on the page, not by swipe? Ecomus theme. Thank you in advance for your help! 
ok, where can I get this special code? 
thanks, what code should I use?
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