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I manage to upload the PNG into the url mentioned but can't seem to succeed at the next steps correctly, also when i try to upload a svg version in shopify they tell me there is an upload error process  help please
Hi, I have issues with my hyperlink working in my page for products but it works fine in my shipping policy. It is the same url but at a different location in my website.  
Hi, How could you add two types of font ? I already added my first custom font but want to write some text on the website in another custom fontAlso on the first custom font, How could I add an UltraBold format for some Heading/titles (but I only wan...
insert this in your them.liquid }.section + .section {margin: 0 !important;}
Sorry, first timer what url do you share exactly because in the chats i see people not sharing the original domain
I have been struggling to see how to make the drawer of the collapsible container work on my product page, they can't seem to open, there is a metaobject in each line to point dynamically to my products content automatically
I'm struggling to update the font in my app tabs from SP-Tabs as it inherits from apple styles. For the rest of the site it seems fine as i have updated on base and Theme.liquid for the homepage etc... I just need to personalize with my own font this...
Hi, thanks i already found the solution 
Hello, I have a hard time updating my font on my tab section, which is an add-on app, not sure it is actually possible ? I already applied my own font rule to the rest of the website. 
Hello I can't seem to remove this space o n my home page with the all the answers from this thread ...  
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