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Wonderful. Thank you!
Hi, here is the site I'm working on- When you click on the magnifying glass at the top left, it opens the search panel. In this panel, you will see All Tags drop down menu. How can I remove this All Tags menu from the search pan...
Yes, that worked. Thank you Raj!
That worked but another problem now.. When I use the filter it shows the filter criteria repeated twice. Example-
Need help with collections page- There are 2 sets of filters.. one on top and the other below that. I like the filter on top, they look aesthetically clean, but the filter ...
Thank you Diego, for your help!!
Yes. Wonderful. Thank you, Richard!!
That works! Is there a way to have the image center aligned? Right now it's to the left, please see.. 
Hi, please see my website in progress- At the very bottom of this page, there is an image of a model in a white dress. It shows on desktop, but doesn't load in mobile. Can someone pl...
Yes, how did you do that?
Both banner images are having the issue.
Hi Raj, thanks for your feedback. I tried this but still having the same issue. Is there anything else you can suggest?
Hi, here is the test site that I'm currently building- How can I make the homepage banner responsive? It keeps cutting off important info when the screen size shrinks. Please let me know if you ...
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