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Hi @SebFrenchy , the way to do this is to have AND and '-' sign.It would look something like this. tag:'Tag you wan' AND -tag:'Tag you don't want' 
Thanks @DaveMcV , it reads like it should work with both ways but thanks for sharing the solution.
Awesome, it works now.Thanks for reply!
Unfortunately, this doesn't work either. 
I can't get the same results. I've tried using OR, with quotes, brackets etc but no dice.     
When viewing a list of orders on Shopify Admin, there are filter views that you can create based on a certain filters. How can I write the tag value so that I can include orders that are tagged with "1st purchase" and ''Reactivation purchase"? 
Hi @DaveMcV , I have a somewhat related question. I have a condition that checks for 2 tags. Both of them is accepted but the overall condition failed when I've set the condition as "At least one of customer / tags". I understood this as if either or...
Thanks for the update. Could you please keep us posted on the development on this? Thank you @paul_n 
Hi @DaveMcV , thanks for pointing that out. I did have a few empty spaces within the Flow condition string.
Thanks for the confirmation @paul_n. I thought I was crazy for a sec when it wasn't work. Should I mark this as solved or leave it open?
Thanks Kalen for your confirmation. Yes, I've been trying to use Flow to avoid 3rd party apps. I do already have data exported automatically but I would love to use flow to help automate this. Thanks for your help and input.
I have a condition that checks if at least one customer tag contains "Inactive" but it didn't trigger. Can someone help on this? Happy to share more details.
Hi @DaveMcV , thank you for your reply. I am already using segment to filter out this list of customers and tagging them manually.Would you be able to guide me on how to use the query within Flow. This is the part that I'm having a real tough time wi...
Hi Kalen, this doesn't make sense either. I've tried to narrow down to select the order_date as the day where there were only orders from 2 customers but I ended up receive more than 2 customers. I've tried using GraphiQL as well. Here's a comparison...
Hi PurplePartner, While I appreciate your reply, it's not exactly what I was asking. I am aware of how to obtain a list or create a segment of these customers, I'm unable to do so within Flow so that I can automate the tagging. Within Shopify flow, I...
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