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can you tell me how to add spacing between the title, review and price? on the collection products  
hello,  i am using the application " Reviews" for my shopify store and i would like to add the reviews so they can be seen before the customer clicks on the product, can you help me do this?  store URL: Lumina2506 thi...
hello,  i would like to position the product rating to the centre, how can i do that?  store URL: lumina2506  
thank you! can you also tell me how to add spacing between the price and the reviews as they are very close together?
hello,  currently my product reviews are on the left side under the product price but i want to centre them. can you tell me how?   i am using the app reviews  store URL: Lumina2506 I would also like to add the revie...
i would like the more info links to be the same size as the other 2 columns and i would like them to be more closer together. I would also like to add spacing between each column so they are equally spaced.  this is an example of how i would like it ...
Hi,  on my footer in mobile view the block text and spacing isnt the same and i wanted to see if someone can help me fix it. the desktop version is good. it currently looks like this:   i would like all text to be 1.1 rem and the spacing to be good 
Hi,  I have a problem with the products listed on the "things you may like section" as the product titles are duplicated. This is only a problem with the mobile view. Can i remove it?  Store URL: Lumina2506  
hello,  i would like to align the email box with the rest of my text on the right side. right now it looks like this but i would like it to be in the middle.  store URL: Lumina2506  
my current page looks like this for new customers   but i would like it to look like this   could i get some help on doing that please?  URL: Lumina2506
 I am still not able to get it right.  can you look at my store and see what i did wrong? URL: Lumina2506
hi,  im trying to align all three columns in footer so that they look like this  they currently look like this  i would like them to have even spacing between them and for them to be centred. 
sorry! the password is: Lumina2506
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