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works like a charm brother
Hello everyone, i was able to the change the featured collection from this : to this : via this code:<style> .caption { display: none !important; } .slider-button .icon { height: 2rem !important; /* Increase the height */...
Hello everyone, in my product page i chose the 'thumbnail carousel' and i would like to change the arrows that move left and right :to something like that :i can upload the icons as SVG to the files and refer to their URL in the code. link to my webs...
@Hardik29418 the problem is that once i use the : svg.icon.icon-caret againit also shows a down arrow in the product page that disturb the other icons : can you see the down arrow in the icon ?
Hello everyone, i have a problem in my dawn them the arrows in all of my store are gone : 1) Featured Collection Desktop Carousel :2) DROP DOWN MENU :3) PRODUCT PAGE : help to solve all of the problem / one of them - will be helpfull Thanks in advanc...
@Made4uo-Ribe works like a the way can you help me add a litle more spacing between the icons and the text ?
Hello Everyone, i have a problem on my product page, when i use Collapsible rowif i choose an icon :then i have another icon of a down arrow collapsing with it. and when i don't choose an icon it show the arrow but the text goes above it (probably be...
@Xipirons sent you a DM
Hello Everyone, i would like to get help transforming my menu on my mobile from this view: (and also that it opens from LTF to RTL please) to the following more boxed view (if you can also fix my arrow to be on the left thats a bonus) : my website :H...
Thank you very much!
Hello everyone, would like to ask for your help on mobile view to move the user login icon to the drawer menu: the wanted result is a text login/register on the drawer menu like this :thanks in advance. link to my website:Https://   
Hello Everyone, I have a problem in the footer menu the last page I added to my list has a different spacing than the others, like in the following picture : link to my website : Https:// Thanks in Advance
Hello everyone, my carousel is not working the arrows are gone and i have left with the numbers of porducts showning like the following pic :  i would really like if it could be like that and have arrows like :  or if its too difficult like that: swi...
@Sweet_Savior_3 thank you, your solution affected all text boxesthe other code only affected my form. etc.
@ThePrimeWeb i have your code in liquid.themeand @Sweet_Savior_3 on the bottom of base.cssnot sure witch solution is more professional..
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