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I solved this by adapting it to the desktop image, thanks all 
That made the entire image banner disappear
Is there an option for that that I'm not seeing or is there a code involved? the original image is in portrait so the image banner is resizing/cutting off half the image to fit into the banner but I want the full image size on mobile. 
Hello all! I recently started using the image banner for the dawn theme but the default size isn't long enough on the page on mobile, the image is fine width wise but the length needs to go down further. Thanks in advance for any help with this! stor...
Thanks so much, the first code worked!
BRILLIANT! As always thank you!!! worked perfectly
Hi everyone, I recently was able to get rid of the border around one of my drop down menus but I also want to get rid of the border on another one, my country selector drop down seems to have a slight border around it and it doesn't match my other me...
THANK YOU!!!! worked perfectly, I think I must've added some code to hide something because you see those little transparent bars still on the menu, I don't know why its doing that and I'm baffled as to what I did lol 
Hi everyone, would appreciate some help to change the background color on my dropdown menu for both desktop and mobile, its currently like a blurry transparent and I need it to be solid (white) so the text can be seen without being obstructed by the ...
OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been trying so many things all day!!! I can't thank you enough! 
yes just the home page, I don't mind changing the text color, my main goal is having the image take up the screen for both desktop and mobile, I plan on hiding the footer and moving all of those nav links into the main nav so there is nothing but the...
hi there, if its achievable through code, I only need that if you're able to give me a html/css fix
Hi there, the only settings I can change through the customize section are making the banner S/M/L nothing about making the image fit the entire screen, I don't know if I'm missing something but don't see anything about setting a background image or ...
Hi everyone! I've been trying for days to get the image banner to stretch the entirety of the page as a fixed background image (I want to use the banner so it automatically adjusts on mobile) I want my page to look like this  **Reference site is aime...
hi there! I'm unable to see the code you want me to try.
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