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Hi! Does anyone know how to change the color of body text for Dawn Theme, specifically for Mobile view? I saw from another forum that I can adjust that in the theme.liquid file, and have made the changes. But this only changed for the desktop view an...
Hi Abhishek, Could I check with you if it's possible to reduce the padding on top of the words as well as there is a big gap between the words and the pictures now. Separately, I realise the code you provided previously also created padding between s...
Thank you, copying the code at the bottom of the theme editor worked!
Thank you! I have tried updating the code but it wasnt able to change the view for mobile. I went into the customiser screen to increase the padding from 0, but in the end it also affected the desktop view and added spaces between my images again.  
Hi Abhishek, Thank you for your help with my earlier problem. I wanted to ask if you are able to advise on the following issue. While there are no spaces between the sections on desktop, this has created a weird spacing for mobile view. Is there a wa...
Thank you! Are you able to share the code you wrote and which file you copied the code into? 
Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with formatting issues I'm having on my Shopify Product Pages. I am using an app called 'Variant Description' to help with my Variant Descriptions. However, I noticed that when it shows on my page, the font formatt...
Hi, This worked like a charm! Thank you 
Hi, I am trying to tidy up the mobile view of my shopify store.I noticed that for sections with Image & Text, there is alot of extra space below the text which leads to weird empty blanks on mobile view (but it's fine on desktop). I'm not sure if thi...
Hi, I am trying to iron out some kinks on my mobile view for my website. Currently my announcement banner is divided into two lines, is there a way to make it such that it is all shown in one line without any line breaks? Thanks! 
Hi, this worked perfectly for me. Thank you! 
Hi, I am currently experiencing some different font sizes on my website, particularly for the 1. Filter menu (the number of products listed is smaller than the rest of the filter labels), and;2. For the old sales price, which is now much smaller than...
Thanks Abhishek! I've tried to debug but unsure what is the issue, apologies as I have really elementary coding knowledge. Are you able to guide me? Tried adding in one more </div> at the end but not sure if that was the problem? Thank you!
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