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Hello @iCart_App I'm so sorry but it did not work. The borders appeared but for email/sign-up when clicked it is still double and I don't know how to remove the one that is appearing when clicked. I already checked the codes I used and couldn't find ...
Hello! The newsletter's (email/sign-up) border on homepage and the forms on contact us. All of them has no default border, not unless if it will be clicked.   
I agree with you @iCart_App. But apparently it happens that when I try to zero the opacity on Themes > Customize > Inputs to remove one border, there is no default border for image.  Although I achieve the oval border when clicked. Do you have any su...
Good day!I’m having trouble with my email and search buttons, which display two borders. I want to keep the oval border as default and when clicked. Currently, its default is a more rectangular border (please see photo). While when clicked or hovered...
*bump* - I would really appreciate some help with this if someone could assist! Thank you!
Hello, is it ok if I dm it to you? Thank you.
Hello. Where should I paste it? I tried to paste it under the other code it remove both the dropdown for size and color. If possible, I am aiming to remove the dropdown for color only and have a dropdown for size. Sorry.  
Hello @PageFly-Henry, thank you the alignment worked! But would you know how can I remove the dropdown for the color variation? Similar output like this one below?   
Good day! May I ask for assistance on how can I put the Size and Color beside each other and remove the dropdown option for Color Variant? I am using DAWN THEME. Thank you! CURRENT PREVIEW: WHAT I WANT TO ACHIEVE: 
Hello @StephensWorld. Thank you for your suggestion, but moving the rewards icon would generally be improper, as it looks good in its current position since it remains visible on all pages and might cover text, photos, etc., depending on the page if ...
 Hello! #1 Could someone please help me solve my issues with the social media icons? I have a rewards icon that is currently covering the social media icons. Can you please advise on how I can move the icons from the bottom left to the very bottom ri...
Hello, may I know how you did it in the footer?
It worked! Thank you @PageFly-Henry!
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