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Just looking to get rid of those long previews on my blogs, thanks for the help.
Just looking to make my button transparent and get rid of that white background any help is appreciated
Thank you so much! Could also use help changing the button color to white, let me know if this is possible, thanks so much.
Hello, I just need help getting rid of the annoying white banner/background around my button and text, I've tried numerous things, nothing has worked, any help would be appreciated. I am using Origin theme.
Thank you so much, putting your advice into action right now.
Hello! My Store is I'm just looking for feedback on what I could be doing better, there's a lot of things that I know I need to change (Product descriptions and the text color on the front page picture). Any feedback would...
Can someone help me with my descriptions? I want to simply put a line under another line when I press enter, but when I do it double spaces and looks terrible on the website and is very hard to read it.
Hello, just trying to make the text white so my customers can actually see what it says, I've been unable to find a solution, anything would help thanks.
Thank you so much! It worked immediately!
Hello, I'm trying to add a shop now button over an image and keep getting this huge strange white border around it which really makes an eyesore of my website, any help is appreciated thanks.
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