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Hello everyone, I am using Shopify Dawn theme 10.0.0 on the google chrome broser. My webpage gets blurred out whenever I try to "Edit Code". Is there any way to resolve this issue? It makes it EXTREMELY difficult whenever i try to edit code and may l...
Hello, I'm currently using Shopify's Dawn theme version 10.0.0. I've noticed that my Shopify store webpage appears differently when viewed on Safari compared to Google Chrome. Below, I've provided screenshots of both browser views. How can I ensure t...
My screen looks blurred whenever I try to "Edit code" in the dawn theme as shown below. As a result I have to zoom in and out constantly to make sure I am editing the code correctly.Any solution to this?  
Hello, How do I make my Klaviyo pop-up Bigger on Shopify Dawn theme? It looks perfect mobile view but when viewed on desktop, it looks very tiny so how do I make sure the pop-up occupies the correct center space on the desktop view so that the custom...
Hello, How do I make the color of "SHOP NOW" button which is currently #F3F3F3 same as image banner background which is #FEF6D4 and how do I make the font of "SHOP NOW" bigger and the surrounding background box smaller so that it perfectly fits the "...
Hello, I am using Shopify Dawn theme for my store.How to put a large and long Search button with "Search all products" text inside it on the top right hand side on my store like the one shown below?  Currently on my Shopify store,my search button is ...
Hello.. How to change the font size of sub-menu items? For example, by using the code you mentioned I was able to change the font size of my main menu "SHOP BY RECIPIENT" but my sub-menus under this menu which are "FOR HIM" and "FOR HER" are both sho...
How to make my Shopify website (Dawn theme) fill the entire desktop page? Currently, it shows up small and zoomed in, requiring visitors to zoom to view products. Adjusting the max page width to 1600px under theme Layout settings hasn't fixed it.
This resolved my issue FINALLYYYYY!!! THANKS A LOT!!!
For anyone facing this issue, I was able to resolve it myself using ChatGPT. The solution is as below from ChatGPT, it worked! From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.Find the theme you want to edit and click Actions > Edit code.In the l...
Thank you for your response. I tried the steps but it didn't work, the color of the "PROCEDD TO CHECKOUT" button still shows up as below. Please advise. 
Hello, How do I add the following secure badges to the checkout banner of my checkout page? I am using Shopify Dawn theme Version 10.0.0. I have installed the trusted bear app but it doesn't have the trust badges below.So is there any Shopify App whe...
Hello,I am using the Shopify Dawn theme 10.0.0 version. I have a code added to my base.css file to make my "ADD TO CART" button bigger and green as shown in attached screenshot (code below).Now I would like to have this same font size and color added...
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