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Bio: At WebWiz Design LLC, we are committed to providing our customers with world-class, affordable website design services. Our team of experienced profes...

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How can I fix this glitchiness? The apps aren’t causing this, video embed isn’t, the theme doesn’t do this on a fresh new site. I’m getting some glitchy/laggy thing happening to my website when I click the drop-down menu on mobile and I click it agai...
Do you have the added code so it can be on mobile as well?
Im interested but if its just simple code, cant you just send it to me? Or what exactly does this entail going through you?
Hello everyone! Can someone please send me the kind code I need to add to the website header for implementing another image in the header? I am looking to add a header logo/image that shows a star rating like the example in the $400 theme that is sho...
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