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Hi, Thanks for your help.. Regards,Vitavibe
 Hi,  I have tried changing my desktop image banner but can’t seem to! It’s a pre built store so it’s keep asking me to change the custom liquid. I am attaching a picture of what is showing every time I try changing my picture. Any help or advice wil...
Hi,  Thanks for your response. I purchased a pre built site so it’s classed as a general store. Thanks VitaVibe   
Hi,    I’m wanting to change my image banner for my landing page but keeps making me change “custom codes”. How do I go about that ? website-   Anyway help will be appreciated! Thanks  Vitavibe 
Hi,  Thank you so much for your feedback I appreciate it! I completely understand how hard it is to get the store up and running!!thanks again vita vibe  
Hi, @LuffyOnePiece  Thank you & The link doesn’t seem to work ? it’s not allowing me to click the link ? thanks  Vita Vibe 
Hi, @LuffyOnePiece  The confusion for me is the custom codes, how does one go about creating them!! would be great to get some help from another business!my email is, I would love to connect & gain some skills and your experi...
Hi,  thank you so much for the response and feedback. I literally am learning the process as it comes, I just want to know how you would go about making those changes, with no previous knowledge and experience I wouldn’t know how to make those change...
Hi All,  I have recently opened my shopify store and have have a lot of attention from customers from posting on tiktok to ads but I’m not making any sales. Recently had over 8000 customers in one day but no sales. I just needed some help on where I ...
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