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my problem is: If you look at the picture, on the right side, next to its a little "Gap" to the side. so its not fully widht on mobile. for some reason. my store is: as the logo says  ❤️
hello! When i go on my phone and look at the website, its kinda of-centered on the right side..  
and what would i cost to make it happen? 
i have already implemented some css to my theme so i am not totaly un-experianced, i just need the code. you feel me? xD
rather getting tips and suggestions and do it myself. Better learn then to hire someone. 
Hello! having trouble getting the product page to where i want it... Need some real expertise here! i love this site's look on the product page and want to do somthing similar what i DONT need is:The discount Section*The social Media Section(right no...
Hello! I would like to edit my product Cards to look like exactly like from this site..need full support from start to finish! my website: please look at picture, and look at my website and see exactly what i need to do to fix this...
can i use your page builder, but keep the Buy buttons from my Theme? my site: i still want my buttons to look like this:  
Hello! would love recomendations on Page builder apps! never used one before! My goal is to do somthing like this pictures: 
you have any suggestions on theese apps?  
hello! i think my product layout is really boring...i would really want it to look alike the picture i will Attach! my website:    
i got better, still want it to approve! how would u do it?  my site:
readytovintage.comsorry i forgot
Hello guys!  I would love to Hotten up my cart and checkout to look more appealing, got no ideas so far, do you? Would love to edit a better looking Delivery Fee Option maybe boxxed in, in some way?  here is a site i like with the same theme wich i l...
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