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Thanks, do you mind telling me how I can update my theme correctly (without losing code/data/.....)
My issue is as follows (im using Dawn theme): When I first enter the "products" page for an item, for example: Chrome Hearts x Rick Owens Geobasket Sneakers Black / Milk - YP Collective – Young Professionals Collective . The images appear fine at fir...
Im sorry , this did not work  
My header dropdown menu is zoomed out for some reason on almost all pages except the "About" PageFirst image is the the problem im experiencing, while the second image is what i want it to look like. Im working with the Dawn theme and the url is:  Yo...
Okay, and how do I do either of those 
Hi, most users on my site are on mobile and there are items that  have unique designs on the bottom and its important the customer sees this 
bottom of the image is being cut off on mobile only (picture 1) . the second image is on pc (loaded correctly)Dawn themeYoung Professionals Collective (  
This worked but now the prices are unaligned , how can i align the title and price (align top and bottom of product
Hi , this code has fixed the problem for some cases but there are still cases where the products are misaligned. for example in the following image, the first and third product are alignedon top but the second and fourth product are aligned under the...
Young Professionals Collective (
Young Professionals Collective (
My product grid is misaligned ( the product titles) and i would like a fix for this issue.See image, "Chrome hearts" -> product title needs to be aligned for all products 
 The bottom of the image is being cutoff on mobile only.Here's a comparison of what its supposed to look like  (This is featured collection and product grid) 
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