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Bio: As a PR expert, I help my clients get featured in top media outlets such as Shopify, Forbes Yahoo, etc. I am honored to be featured in Yahoo and GoBan...

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Can anyone answer my questions? I am still finding thee answers to my questions
Hello, I would like to write press releases and guest postings on Shopify. For press release queries, Blair (Shopify staff) has given me the email address, but for guest posting, I need your guidance on how to write a guest posting on Shopify. Blair ...
Hello Blair, I hope this message finds you well. I tried to PM you but i was unbale to send a message . I am not sure why but I am having trouble in creating a store. I also asked you about guest posting for shopify through shopify partner program an...
Erin, Could you please reply me?
Hello Erin, the link you provided isn't working. Secondly, I have another question as well. As I am a SEMrush certified PR expert. I help clients get featured in top media outlets and I am humbled to get myself featured in Yahoo and GoBankingRates. I...
Hello Trevor, I have already  joined the partner program, I thought other than shooify partner shopify providing a badge of shopify expert as well because I have seen ot on someome website, Thanks for guiding me regarding it. I was trying to create a...
Hello Trevor, how I can apply for official shioify experts ? What are the requirements for it? So I could add shooify expert badge on my site.
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