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Bio: Long time nerd. Went from HTML to ColdFusion to ASP to PHP and now I'm dipping my toes in React/Remix/Hydrogren

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Is there any handling at the variant level? We offer different sizes that change the value.. and depending on what, changes the box size. 
So the problem is that I'm trying to update a metafield value via webservice on a product. If the metafield has a value, I can update it, etc. But if the metafield is 'null', I cannot retrieve gid of the metafield - shows null value instead of the gi...
I'm trying to brainstorm my way around this problem. I thought doing this as a draft order was the way, but doesn't look like you can add that as a cart item. So backing up, I'm trying to create bundle handling. I have two (or more) products with man...
Again, thanks for the help. Looks like that's all you need. Push the file up from source URL, and grab the id and post that to the metaobject. 
Thanks for this. I understand getting the file up to Shopify's file, but then how do you get into the Metaobject's file datatype field? Do you pass the gid of the uploaded file? 
I'm trying to work on account routes on my headless shopify site. In my .env I have PUBLIC_CUSTOMER_ACCOUNT_API_CLIENT_ID and PUBLIC_CUSTOMER_ACCOUNT_API_URL set. When I try to access https://localhost:3000/acount, I get An error occured invalid_requ...
The problem was that I had it linked to an older instance when I first started. I issued ..h2 linkIt asked if I wanted to unlink to the current (old) storefront, then I picked the current one. Warning is gone now.    
So I came across this article today https://nebulab.com/blog/shopify-hydrogen I'm focused on this portion:  First of all, there’s the matter of hosting your Hydrogen application. Plus users can host their Hydrogen app on Shopify Oxygen, Shopify’s pro...
Well... I thought I figured it out. When I go this direction on my dev store that is on Hydrogen I get: An unexpected error occurred Commenting outimport {createAdminApiClient} from '@shopify/admin-api-client'; const client = createAdminApiClient({ ...
I think I figured it out:https://www.npmjs.com/package/@shopify/admin-api-client npm install @Shopify/admin-api-client -simport {createAdminApiClient} from '@shopify/admin-api-client'; const client = createAdminApiClient({ storeDomain: 'your-shop-...
What is the proper way to interact with AdminAPI within a headless Shopify Hydrogren store front? What I would like to do is interact with the Admin API to manipulate pricing and create draft orders (bundles). I do have a custom app set up in my Shop...
 I'm trying to execute:npx shopify hydrogen env pullBut I'm getting: The Admin GraphQL API responded unsuccessfully with errors: ...
I'm stuck on a fairly large problem and I think it may be time to hire out a developer. What is the proper process for code access? I see you can use a Collaborator Request Code, but I assume that would be for admin access. What would be the proper w...
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