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Didnt work for me, the only effect it had is that the white mega menu field became bigger. The categories are still lined up in one column!
 Hi there, in this mega menu i would like to have a bigger menu with seperate columns (Adidas, New Balance, Nike, Ugg, Asics as seperate columns). How could i do this with CSS? Thanks in advance!
This worked, the pictures are smaller now but there is a big space between the title and the picture: anyway to reduce that? Thanks so much in advance!
I would like to reduce the size of these smaller product picture thumnails on the product page. 
Hi, I would like to have scrolling dots instead of the thumbnails on my product page. Drawed three dots, i would want something like that and when you click them you should go to the next picture.
hmm that did not work, i mean like this:  
Do you perhaps also know how i could make the "sub" things into a dropdown menu (so basically a drop down menu in a drop down menu)?
When I try to make a menu within a menu, it shows like this. How can i make the menu normal? And just include drop down menu's below the "adidas" for example? Yours, 
I understand! Thank you so much already :). I do have some follow-up questions: What would be a way to make the space between the collections smaller (while accepting the changed margins)? When i implement the code i get these little white corners (b...
Hi, I want to make changes to this collection list but I can't figure out how. I would like to do three things:- change the colour of the buttons into black- change the colour of the text into white- make the corners of the buttons rounded- reduce th...
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