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Hi, when I add a product to my cart there is an empty button visible.I'm also wondering on how I can get the corners of my images in the cart rounded.Thankful for any help! URL: passw.: neatyou
Hey, somehow it doesn't work anymore. 
Unfortunately it didn't work. I'd like to add the following background to my page and want to keep the header with the two pink stripes at the same time. I've added the background to this reply.
I've added a background to my shop, but two of my banners disappeared and the text is not visible anymore. How can I add the background without changing the banners?URL: pasw: neatyou pasw: neatyouYou can try it with the cherry slippers.
When I add a product to the cart an empty button appears and the number on the cart icon is not visible. I haven't changed the code. It's like this from the beginning.Thankful for any help!
I'd like to sell in my home country which is Germany and in the USA, but I don't know what settings to select. The markets on Shopify confuse me.Also I wonder, if someone from a country like Canada or from France, which is also in Europe orders from ...
How can I get the corners of my product pictures rounded when I‘m clicking on them for more detailed pictures? Thankful for any help!  
Hello, I'm trying to get rounded corners for the product pictures as seen in the photoMaybe someone can help me. Thanks!   
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