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No im not really interested 
I want to change the background to a specific colour and make the text all capital and change the front. Could someone help with the code? 
 Im using the dawn theme and when you scroll on my product pages the last images bleed causing cut off. I want each scroll to show the whole image in its entirety. Happens only on mobile view the theme name is Dawn 12.0 - latest version 
Hi my product imagery is blurry on desktop on myproducts page, but not blurry on my collections page. Can anyone help with this issue please? link: here you go
Hi thanks for the reply, but i dont just want to remove it i want to replace it with the word CLOSE in the times new roman font 
Hi, I want to change the 'X' button to say 'CLOSE' in Times New Roman when you click on a product image to enlarge. I'm using the dawn theme (
Hi, just wondering if you could help the header logo be the same size on all pages please, I want it to match the home page. Both paddings are the same, but for some reason the home screen is lower than the rest (https://t6qvm18822usukl1-74826613002....
 Hi, I really want to remove the magnifying glass, but still have the function to click to enlarge on mobile my site is ( 
website is https://t6qvm18822usukl1-74826613002.shopifypreview.comusing dawn theme, thank you
Hi I did this and it worked on my products page when you click on a product it's still blurry, it's more noticable on mobile could you help with this please?
Thank you it's moved out the box but its too low ( I want it to be exactly like the screenshot you sent and can you help with disappearing my logo when scrolling site wide please?
I want it to hide on all pages if possible please
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