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Hi Thanks Willose
Hi, I am having trouble getting my image to display correctly on desktop and mobile whilst using Dawn theme. When I upload the image it appears to be zoomed in on both desktop and mobile?  Any help would be appreciated. Willose
That has centred all items. I would like to stack them with 2024 Postcode Apparel being underneath everything else. is this possible?
Hi Thank you for your response. Password: Halogood regards Willose
Hi, I would like to stack the refund, terms of service, privacy policy above my company name and centre it all can this be done? Regards Willose
Hi, Thank you however the logo is to the left still. Can you centre it and remove the search icon? Thanks 
Hi, I really need assistance centring my logo on mobile display - Dawn Theme. Can anyone help? Best regards Willose
Hi Moeed, The password should be correct now. Are you able to view it? Thanks 
Hi, Password: Haloden Thanks 
Hi, Do you have any suggestions?
Hi Moeed, Thanks for your response. The store can be found here: Password: Halotwin Best regards Willose
Hi,I'm trying to centre my logo on mobile, can anyone help?
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