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Hi @richbrown_staff , thank you very much for this quick response. It's very clear! I will do that. Another question, do you know if it's normal to have traces of old applications (Langify in particular) in the Store metadata? I ask you this because ...
Hello, I would like to translate my Metafield definitions, but I can't find them in Translate & Adapt.   I've looked in several places: the Metaobjects section is empty, the Store metadata section shows remnants of old applications (Langify and Trans...
Hi @AamirZahoorSEO Thank you for these advice I'll do that!
Hi @cyme ,Have you found a solution to your problem? I'm also interested in this subject.
Hello,We have a Shopify site in different languages and we currently use subfolders (.com for Spain, .com/fr-fr, for French-speaking countries, .com/en-en, for English-speaking countries, .com/it-it for Italy). For a number of reasons, we've decided ...
Yes, that's probably the case, thanks for the link.
Hello,When I type the name of my brand into Google Spain, I get this result that mixes the pages of the versions. My site is available in Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian and English.Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this problem?
Okay, I understand. Thanks for the reply! Have a nice day!
Hello,I'm considering optimizing my site's URLs for SEO. Will simply checking the box (to create a URL redirect) when changing the URL protect me from an SEO standpoint? I'm concerned about altering the URLs and potentially affecting the ranking. Is ...
Thank you for your reply @shopifyavi . How can I send a DM? I can't find the way 
Hi @michaelivanov,Great feature. I work with Translate & Adapt. I'm considering installing Langify only to allow translation of Alt Texts. One question: if I install Langify, do my translations 2-3 times a year and uninstall the Langify application w...
Hi @shopifyavi Same probleme here! I use Translate & Adapt and my predecessor spoke Italian but not Catalan, and I speak the opposite. So he set Catalan and English as the automatic translation languages. So the two-language limit has been reached. I...
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