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Hi all, Im hoping someone can help with this. I have this code provided from Trustpilot. Im want to add this to the top of our website instead of our announcement bar.  Can someone help point me in the right direction on where to add it please?  <!--...
Hi all, We are looking for someone to help with CRO of our website or if you can give us some expert advice on what you think would work best. Any useful tips and tricks would be helpful. We get about a 8% conversion rate a day, we would really like ...
Hi, Sorry. Please find preview store here - Thank you  
Hi, Is there a way to increase the margin on the box so that the new green add to cart button doesn't cut off please? Thank you  This is the previous one. 
 Something similar - not the size button 
Hi, This is exactly how I'd like the quantity - similar to the screenshot below disregarding the "size"  
Hi, Thank you very much - this worked a treat. How do I move the add to cart buttons up underneath the varient selector?
Hi, Im looking for a way to move the add to cart button up just below the flavour variant selector. Is there also a way to have the flavour variant selector go all the way across the full width of the box? I'd love to have the variant and quantity st...
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