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HiMy store is naturalcurlsme.comI want the Menu dropdown to happen on hover The dropdown menu is also showing background full page width but i want it to be only for text Pls help
Hi My site is in Impulse theme. I have a few questions1. I want to reduce the menu font size for main menu n dropdown.2.I want the drop down menu background to be reduced in size instead of whole screen.3.I want the menu size to be...
Hi How do I add a floating WhatsApp Chat button to my website for free?
Hi I have a few queries for my Shopify Impulse theme site: ( banners on product pages are cropped out in mobile view. (for ex - 2 Piece Clip In Extensions)My homepage banner text is in black but i want the other image texts t...
Thank you so much! The dropdown bar thought is covering the menu
Hi I am using Impulse theme and want a way to add google reviews on homepage or any other page for free. Pls help
Hi!I have a store on Impulse theme and am having problems with the menu1. I am unable to remove the underline  from the menu2. My menu is overlay with the head but the text color is not changing from white to black.
HiI have a few issues with my menu in impulse theme. Pls help!!I want to remove the underline animation in the menuMy menu is overlay with header but the text is white and I am unable to change it to black 
Hi I am have added images to color variants but they are not showing in the swatches. I want the images to show. The website is on Impulse theme. Pls help! Thanks
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