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Bio: Retired educator helping my wife with a small business venture.

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I don't know how to send you my theme file. Sorry. Can you help?
This fixed the first image issue. However, it created a new issue. Now when I click the variant swatches, nothing happens. Prior to this modification, clicking the variant images caused them to replace the product image. Help?!
I tried this fix, and the first product image now displays properly. However, now none of my variant images will load when clicked. DO you have any suggestions?
Is it even possible to create a set of product variant names that are paired with specific images that can then be selected to apply to specific products? The process of having to create each variant and image separately within each product is unbeli...
You cannot do this in any way automatically. I am so frustrated with Shopify’s website building software and product data management. It is the most cumbersome and least user friendly system I have ever seen.
The support team got it worked out, though I'm not sure how.
I recently updated to Studio Theme version 14.0.0 and now all of my product descriptions are appearing as nasty hyperlinks (there were no links in the product descriptions before). Each and every one of these unwanted hyperlinks directs to our store ...
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