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And how can I do that? Unfortunately, I have no coding skills 
Here the link thank you  
Hello, I'm having issues with the mobile Pagespeed. It's currently at 70 percent. I've added some things to the base.css file to make changes like image sizes or button colors. Could this have caused the decrease in speed? What can I do to improve th...
Hello,I have a problem with the mobile product view.Some images are only displayed halfway, as shown in this example:Here the link: Is it possible to fix this problem?  
It worked! Thank you 
Is it possible to change the color of the buttons "FIND YOUR ETERNAL BLOOM TOTE" and "Read more about our journey"? I'd like them to stand out more on the page. Thank you! Here the link:      
I think yes because I delete some of them now the page speed is a little bit better but what else can I do to improve the page speed?
Hello, I did a PageSpeed test on Google and scored very poorly on the mobile version. What can I do now to improve this? I would be grateful for any help. Here the link:  
Hi thank you. I am using Dawn Theme  
Habe ich schon gemacht, aber die können mir da nicht weiterhelfen, weil man wohl dafür Progammierkentnisse braucht und das dürfen die wohl nicht machen. 
On the About Esyus page, I want to include an "About Me" section with my photo. I would like the photo to be either centered above the text or next to it. When the photo is on the left side of the text, it doesn't look aesthetically pleasing because ...
Hallo, hab es vergessen zu erwähnen. Die Desktop version ist gut, aber ich habe Probleme mit der mobilen Ansicht. Dort werden die Bilder nicht ganz angezeigt zum Beispiel : The Cardinal  
I tried, but it didn't work. Is it possible that I inserted the code in the wrong place? 
Where should I insert the code?
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