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Perfect!! thank you. Another question maybe you can help me. I would like now because the banner is full screen to put the "View Collection" button and "new launch" text lower on the banner. Is it possible?thank you.
Well TY, it actually worked but I have another image banner down next to the products that it was also afected by this. I want only for the top image.
It somehow expands but it expands the banner inside the square, not the square itself. 
Hello, I would like to expand my image banner on the mobile version to go "full screen", not that square format. I tried going with some custom css from other sollutions in the community but nothing worked. I edited the code before to make some edits...
Oh sorry, the header of the site, not the footer!
Hello, I'm struggling with a problem. When I go to the "INFO" menu on the footer and "CONTACT US" it gets redirected to another page ( "info" ). I tried deleting the page and menu and make it again but it the problem persists. This is the website: ad...
no, the header above that, where the logo and "home" "info" buttons are. the text on the header is white and can't be seen. And the same problem is for every product I add. the text on the header is white. is: geicay
Hi, I want to change the header text colour for only the collection page and products pages in dawn theme.
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