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User Activity Hello is there a way to access the code for Yotpo's widget? I cant seem to find it in the code I want to remove the Bold Title (Because it says the same thing as the paragraph...
That actually made them tiny  
 Whats up guys, I want to Bring my social media icons closer together on the mobile view. I feel like they’re way too spread out across. Making the footer boundary box smaller forces them Down and they overlap my copyright name. I just need them tigh... hello I would like to change my store footer copyright name from:  © 2024, QAPT MUSIC to © 2024 QAPT MUSIC PRODUCTIONS how do I do it?
Yes this got rid of the underline. I was hoping for a smooth zoom scale transition for each. Like how I have it on my old site (
hey that worked great, but now the icons are a bit larger... How do I make them smaller?
I entered some negative margin to the copyright so it can look tighter to the social media icons. Look fine on desktop but on mobile view the social media icons fall over top of the copyright logo.. How can I have the social media icons maybe decreas...
sorry my site is
Just found out about the  GemPages App it helped a ton
I want to remove the underline and add smooth zoom transition like how I had it on my wordpress site ( My current page is I've searched around and tried this command.  .header__menu-item span:hover {text...
So by individually adjusting the height and width of each iframe? Is there maybe an app similar to elementor that can help structure pages?
 Ive tried several solutions I've seen yet it doesnt budge  
I have a bunch of custom liquid iframe blocks on one of my pages. I am migrating from Wordpress and i am tryin to mimic my old sites layout as closely as possible. How would I align these blocks nice and cleanly like how I have on my wordpress? (I us...
Yes thats what i need help with
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