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Ah yep I see! From there I can access the metafields and do whatever I need to with them. Thank you!
Thanks Tim! I'm using it on a page template. The use case is I have a landing page at /pages/trial which is where I want to output the custom product metafield data. I understand the Storefront API needs permissions not available in a standard theme,...
I have a scenario where I am using URL param's to access a product and get the data associated with it. I can't use Liquid here because AFAIK there's no way in Liquid to get URL parameters reliably. document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', funct...
I'm trying to pass data to a section that is loaded with the API, as described in the original question:  Eg; If my index.liquid contains fetch(`${window.Shopify.routes.root}?sections=my-section&handle={{ product.handle }}`)  How can I access the val...
Thanks for the reply! The question was more about how I then access the string inside the section that is rendered.  This:&handle={{ product.handle }} works, but I can't seem to access it within the section that is then rendered.
Is something like this possible? I can get sections, but what I'd like to do is pass some data to it, like a product handle, that I can then access in the section. Eg:  fetch(`${window.Shopify.routes.root}?sections=my-section&handle=my-product`) 
This solution doesn't do anything about the existing policy pages too, right? The policies will still be accessible via policies/privacy-policy, etc.
I can't find a way to get the full quality video from the video object. The JSON for a video object looks like this: { "alt": null, "id": 23865085820998, "position": null, "preview_image": { "aspect_ratio": 2.707, "height": 362, "...
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