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Thank you! I have tried to use the collection list feature, but don't like how on mobile it only shows one collection across and you must scroll down. Does Shopify have any feature that will show two collections side by side on mobile? I have attache...
Is it possible to code editorial columns to auto format to two across and not have the slide bar on mobile? on desktop view my columns fit nicely side by side. I would like to same view on mobile. Thank you!
Certainly - it has been added. The file is "06/22 NEW BASED ON AUDIT" not on my live site. To clarify, I am looking to make this change on my "womens page", not the homepage. 
Thanks for your quick response! It unfortunately isn't working. It is still only one across on mobile.  To clarify on mobile view, I would like it to show 2 collections lists side by side. The desktop view requires no change, I would like it to show ...
I need assistance with coding (I believe) my womens collection page. I would like the collection list at the top of the page to remain in a grid (possibly 2 across) while on mobile. It currently auto changes to only 1 and the customer needs to scroll...
THANK YOU!!!!! Worked perfectly!
Hello - How can I increase my "purchase" button to match the shop pay size?  Bonus question, where is says "more purchase options", how can I add in graphics for the accepted types? Similar to what is shown in my footer.  URL is www.gloriapatricollec...
How can I go about removing the items marked on the attached photos in red?  url is Thank you!
Thank you so much!!
Thank you so much!!!
HELP! My website is pulling collection descriptions. I can't figure out how to hide the text.I have only entered the description so it can hopefully pull to google. Thank you!!! URL IS: 
It worked!! Amazing! Thank you! Is it possible to remove the title below as below? 
Hello, I am currently using Forge Theme, I would like to implement using the collection list on my homepage, but am struggling to make two changes. My url is First question, how can I remove the product at the bottom? Th...
It works great, thank you! I was able to figure out how to adjust the font size. Is it possible to adjust the font style? Apologies in advance for the silly question.
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