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If you have the checkout.liquid file (only for Shopify Pro) check there also, if not you don't need to worry about anything. Before August 13, 2024, you won't have access there anymore, and you have to move the whole code to the additional scripts (b...
You have to modify it from the Liquid order object to the Liquid checkout object. That's all. Read the documentation and replace it. 
Did you try to implement the Custom Pixels instead of the Additional Scripts? Does it work? I heard there is a problem with sending data to the GTM. Please tell me more about it. You can use the Customer events but it's run in the sandbox environment...
Thanks. So there is no proper solution with buyerJourney.intercept method? It should be easy to change the error target location.EDIT:I found only this. But how to target my custom field?
And how to implement it for One Page Checkout - after the update to the Checkout extensions? I try to create a custom app with a custom field, then send value from there to the order.metafields but I need to populate Additional info instead of that. ...
Set up a product/update webhook to listen for price changes How to achieve that? Update webhook trigger even when the product's quantity changes. How to verify when the price changes, and when only quantity or title?
Same issue here. It looks like it doesn't work with a one-page checkout. Could you share your implementation here?
are you able to send at least any data to the GTM with the checkout_completed event?
How to implement it with a one-page checkout for the Plus store? Customer events seem to not work on the checkout.
What if I have to use a one-page checkout where additional scripts are no longer supported? I pasted the code inside customer events, but it doesn't trigger at checkout on checkout_completed. 
Could you share your GTM implementation and checkout_completed logic? Here is mine:window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag() { dataLayer.push(arguments); } (function (w, d, s, l, i) { w[l] = w[l] || []; w[l].push({ 'gtm.start'...
Does the checkout_completed event trigger properly for you after a successful purchase?
Maybe try using customer metafield. Are you able to test the 'checkout_completed' event with Tag Assistant and preview the pushed data? I tried to trigger a data layer push on 'checkout_completed', but it seems like it's not triggering. I changed it ...
Please help us, I have the same problem here. It looks like checkout_completed doesn't work or I can't preview it with Tag Assistant.
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